Trendy Adult Birthday Parties

Everyone from celebrities to the soccer mom next door needs to let loose now and then. When planning your next birthday party, or one for a friend, consider making it a theme party. Don’t let kids have all the fun, adult parties can also incorporate themes in decorations, menu, favors, and more.

To get started planning a trendy adult party, take a look at some trendy party ideas.

  • Serve some grown-up drinks, and not just the standard beer and wine. Create a signature cocktail, hire a bartender, or serve up unforgettable mocktails.
  • Give guests a memorable parting gift. Traditional party favors are expected at kid parties and weddings. Make the memories of your party last forever with a creative gift to guests.
  • Break out your most festive lighting to take any standard space up a notch.
  • Pre-plan the playlist to start with more mellow music as guests arrive and more upbeat jams later on.
  • Opt for non traditional desserts like a donut cake or homemade s’more bar.
  • Put together a DIY photo booth with props.
  • Create a hashtag for the party so guests can share photos afterward.

Whenever planning a party, try to keep the guest of honor in mind. If she lives for all things pink, incorporate that into the theme. If he doesn’t drink alcohol, create a fun beverage menu that includes drinks like flavored milks, mocktails, and exotic creations.

Making up your own, unique party theme specific to the birthday boy or girl will certainly give guests an experience they’ll never forget. But, if you’re not the creative type these theme ideas always make a good time:

  • Throwback – everything from decades to memorable high school experiences are fair game
  • Wacky holidays – Every day of the year now has some kind of ‘holiday,’ like Pi Day, attached to it.  Look for ones around the party date to use as inspiration.
  • Gambling – From casinos to carnivals, everyone loves playing games.
  • Color scheme – Choose a favorite color like white or gold and make the whole party, even guests, match.
  • Multicultural – Holidays like Mardi Gras and Cinco de Mayo make great themes for parties any time of the year.

Party planning is all about creating a fun atmosphere that speaks to the personality of the guest of honor. Everything from the smallest detail, such as tablecloths, to the biggest decorative impacts, like guest attire, should work together to give off the overall feeling of a theme.

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Setting the Mood For Romance

Love is in the air as we celebrate Valentine’s Day. That exuberant loving feeling typically carries on for several days after the holiday ends. Creating a romantic atmosphere for this special day or any other day can be accomplished in a few simple steps. Whether you equate romance with candlelit dinners, walks on the beach, or random acts of love there are some key elements used in setting the mood.


We all know lighting can affect our mood and our perception of the things around us. Make lighting your friend by setting a relaxing scene with low lighting. Whether using a dimmer switch, natural lighting, or candles the feeling soft light gives off will start that romantic evening off right because it:

  • Calms the body
  • Helps reduce stress
  • Projects feelings of warmth
  • Gives any room a new look

Color Scheme

According to the principles of Feng Shui there are three main colors to use in enhancing romance: pink, red, and white. These colors can be used in any shade, on their own, or mixed together in any space to instantly add a romantic vibe. Consider these colors when:

  • Purchasing flowers
  • Setting the table – everything from tablecloth to dishes
  • Decorating the bedroom
  • Food/drink selections for a special meal

Personal Touches

There is nothing more romantic than a well-thought out experience or gift. Taking time to think about the person you love and expending a lot of effort to give them something no one else can is priceless. Whether planning a dinner or picking out gifts, consider adding some personal touches.

  • Look for scented candles or oils in smells considered to be aphrodisiacs like jasmine, lavender, ylang ylang, ginger, or just the favorite smell of the person you love.
  • Express your feelings in words through a card, poem, love note, or other written form. This will give the recipient the option to keep it forever.
  • Put yourself in the shoes of the person you are romancing. What do they like? If you aren’t sure, just ask.

Romance is about creating an experience that focuses on love. Use your surroundings wisely and setting the mood will be easy.

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Warm Up The Conference Room

The conference room can be the heart of operations for many businesses. It is the place where ideas are shared or explored and where results are reported. The atmosphere in any conference room can run the gamut from fun and relaxing to intense and frustrating. Take your conference room to the next level of success with these design and decor tips.

After many studies, it appears that looks do matter! People spend nearly as much time at work as they do at home. So, it should come as no surprise that a more comfortable work environment creates happier employees. Those happy employees, in turn, are more productive which means great things for business.

There are four major areas to consider when decorating the conference room.

  1. Distractions: Many workers find it hard to stay focused and productive when there are too many sounds, sights, and people interrupting their train of thought. While a collaborative atmosphere is important in the workplace, it is also wise to minimize distractions. If your conference room has a lot of windows, consider some homey window coverings that are adjustable.
  2. Air Quality: Poor air quality can lead to a variety of health problems and unpleasant symptoms. This can distract employees, contribute to more sick days, and just plain make people miserable. If a new air system just isn’t in the budget, consider adding
  • A variety of low-maintenance plants to the space to help improve air quality
  • Smaller systems like single-room air filters or ionizers.
  • A dedicated cleaning person to keep rooms free of dust
  1. Lighting: Natural lighting is both physically and emotionally beneficial. When possible, keep any option to control the level of lighting. Dimmer lights can encourage creativity while brighter rooms will enhance analytical thinking. When choosing light bulbs, keep in mind that whiter lights are better than yellow.
  2. Furniture: Spending hours in one spot can take a toll on the body and mind. Keep your conference room lively and engaging by choosing furniture that is:
  • Ergonomic for comfort in the short and long-term
  • Rounded tables create more positive emotions that square
  • Arranged in a circle to encourage a collaborative atmosphere

There are certainly many more factors that play into creating a positive, productive work environment. Overall, creating a comfortable and inviting atmosphere in the boardroom can help employees stay focused and motivated. Simple touches like quality table cloths, healthy snacks and drinks, cheerful colors, and wall hangings that incorporate how much workers are valued can send a positive message.

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Napkin Folds With Height

Adding interest to any tablescape can be achieved through a variety of methods. From towering centerpieces to leveled decorations, working with height can give your table a pulled-together and professional look.

One unexpected way to add dimension to your tablescape is by using napkin folds that stand tall. The effect will not only add visual interest, but will also intrigue guests wondering how you got that flimsy napkin to keep its height.

From large events to Tuesday night dinner, tall napkin folds can be used for any occasion. A few fun folds to try include:

  • The Candlestick : In only four simple steps you can have this towering and space-saving folded napkin that resembles a tapered candle. For added interest or height consider placing the folded napkin inside a glass.
  • Standing Napkin Ring: The elegant, creased look of this tall fold are showcased by using an elaborate napkin ring as the base to hold up the napkin.
  • Pair of Candles: Using one napkin, make the look of two thin tapered candles side-by-side. This fold will need some support to stand so look for a vessel to hold it.
  • The Peacock: With fewer than ten steps this beautiful fold is a show-stopper. For the best result, use a napkin with some sheen and a pattern like damask.

To help add extra height to any tablescape, consider placing folded napkins in or on another item. For example, you might use the following to hold your folded napkin:

  • Wine glass
  • Hurricane vase
  • Tall pillar candle stand
  • Napkin ring
  • Upside-down cup

Napkin folds can be very simple and make a big impact. When done right, elegant napkin folds will leave guests wondering how you achieved the look. Every great napkin fold starts with the right cloth napkin and some patience.

In this world there are an abundance of decorative ideas at your fingertips. Keep guests surprised by incorporating unexpected elements to the table.

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Trendy Colors for 2017

Keeping up with what’s hot in the world of color from season to season and year to year can help keeps large events or small home parties feeling fresh and modern. Each year, color experts at Pantone choose a color of the year. In connection with New York Fashion Week they also look at how trendy colors are translated into the hands of buyers.

For 2017 the Pantone Color of the Year is neutral, yellowish-green called Greenery. This color screams everything nature and spring. Meant to inspire restoration and renewal, you can expect to see Greenery popping up outside the garden all over the world. The choice makes sense given our global climate where major political changes are happening alongside a movement to get back to the basics and use sustainable materials.

Greenery is considered a neutral color, and as such, can be paired with almost any palette. Everything from darker tones to metallics will coordinate with this timeless, familiar color.

Many other nature-inspired colors graced the runways for this year’s collections including:

  • Niagara Denim Blue – a soft color reminiscent of a medium denim
  • Primrose Yellow – vibrant and bold
  • Lapis Blue – similar to cobalt this is another vibrant color
  • Island Paradise Aqua Blue
  • Pale Dogwood Pink
  • Pink Yarrow – close to a magenta
  • Kale – an army green shade
  • Hazlenut

All of these popular colors are seen as neutral, meaning they can fit into any color scheme. They are also all inspired by the hues found naturally in the air, sea, and on land. So, how can you incorporate trendy colors into tablescapes? Look for hot colors in table cloths, cloth napkins, or table runners as well as tableware and accessories.

  • Pair one trendy color with a classic palette
  • Let one color stand out amongst more basic neutrals like black or white
  • Go bold and mix up a few trendy colors

Whether you’re a trendsetting fashionista or the hostess with the mostess, consider incorporating annual color trends into dining decor. You’ll not only get a fresh look, but encourage conversation among guests when they learn where your inspiration came from.

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Inspiration for Winter Wonderland Tablescapes

Winter has taken hold over most of the country thanks to unusual snow or ice storms. Some relish in the beauty of the season while others begrudgingly disapprove. No matter your stance on winter, bringing the essence of the season to your tablescape can make it a delightful time.

When planning a winter-inspired tablescape, there are two basic themes to start from. The first option is to embrace the stark, cold feeling and make the indoor look match that of the outdoors. For example, you might pair a pale blue tablecloth with a bright white table runner to set the stage. The second option is to contrast the scene outside by warming up decor inside. In this case, you might opt for a brown table runner on a natural wooden dining table.

Either way, there are likely to be very few colors used. Some of the most obvious winter colors include:

  • White (or various shades of it)
  • Gold
  • Browns
  • Greens
  • Blues
  • Silver

Once you have chosen your theme and color scheme, it’s time to think about other decorative elements, like the centerpiece. Using winter as inspiration, you will want to stick with mostly natural elements and materials such as:

  • Pine cones
  • Small fir trees or sprigs
  • Ferns
  • White flowers
  • Twigs or other wood

Additionally, this type of tablescape can incorporate glass elements to mimic ice and faux fur in lighter colors inspired by the animals who endure this season. You may also want to include some faux snow into the decor using edible items like ice, shredded coconut, or powdered sugar.

Creating a winter wonderland at your table can transport guests to a fantasy-like version of the season. This theme works well at winter weddings and events, but also livens up the dining table at home. Take a look out your window and let winter inspire you.

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Luxury Linens: Secrets From A Wedding Planner

“I want my wedding to be different than everyone else’s. I want it to show our personalities and style, but I am also on a budget”.

These are usually the first words that come out of a client’s mouth when hiring me as their wedding planner. What if I told you that you absolutely can! I can show you how.

There are many design elements that make up a wedding reception. Some examples of these include:

  • Lighting
  • Sound (yes sound contributes to the overall design experience)
  • Floral
  • Food and Beverage
  • Signage and paper goods
  • Textiles and linens

A dramatic way to add personality and style to an overwhelmingly large space is by using specialty linens. Most wedding venues include a standard white, ivory, or black poly blend with their wedding packages. This is obviously your least expensive option when covering your tables.

You also have the option of bringing in your own specialty linens by either renting them from a local vendor or purchasing them yourself. This can be a very costly option as even some rented specialty linens can cost nearly $100.00 per table! Multiply that by an average of 25 tables and suddenly this idea doesn’t sound so “pretty” (see what I did there…)?

My suggestion is to go ahead and choose that luxury linen. The one in the amazing bold color, or with the embellishments sewn in. Whichever one makes your jaw drop, that’s it!! Easy for me to say. I know, I’m not the one paying the bill. So here is my secret: Only use these on your most noticed tables. Some great examples are:

  • Escort cart/welcome table
  • Gift/card table
  • Cake table
  • Sweetheart or head table
  • Memory table

In choosing all or one of these you will be able to add in a high end style at a very affordable price!

Want one more expert tip? Whether you plan on renting or purchasing your linens DO NOT attempt to set up yourself on your wedding day. Do yourself (and future spouse) a favor and hire a Wedding Planner. They will be able to oversee all of your wonderful details, execute all of your beautiful plans, relieve endless amounts of stress, and keep things running smoothly! After 5 Events Wedding Planning Boutique offers full wedding planning packages, as well as day-of, or month-of coordination. Your wedding planner will also have wonderful expert tips that can save you money in the long run!  

Check out some reasonably priced linen options from our friends at


Gabrielle Pagano is the owner at After 5 Events Wedding Planning Boutique. Learn more about her, hiring a Wedding Planner, and Wedding tips and inspiration by visiting  their website, facebook, instagram, or email directly:

Happy Planning!

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Product Spotlight: Tissue Lamé Tablecloths

Add a little sparkle and shine to any event with elegant Tissue Lamé Tablecloths. These beautiful table linens made from metallic nylon can instantly add interest to any tablescape. Available colors include:

  • Candy
  • Copper
  • Fuchsia
  • Gold
  • Green
  • Pink
  • Red
  • Royal
  • Silver
  • Turquoise

With so many color choices, you are sure to find the perfect fit for your event. These tablecloths are also available in over 30 sizes making them usable at any venue.

Square sizes run from 45 inches to 90 inches with larger sizes from 108-132 inches featuring rounded corners. Prices range from around $15-$100 per tablecloth depending upon the measurements. You can save up to 50% or more when you buy in higher volumes.

Rectangular sizes run from 60 x 90 inches to 72 x 120 inches. Sizes 90 x 132 and 90 x 156 will feature rounded corners. For the largest tables, oval tablecloths are also available in sizes 108 x 132 and 108 x 156. This shape will cost you anywhere from about $40-$110 per tablecloth, with savings for higher volume orders.

Rounded tablecloths are also available and range in size from 60-132 inches. Prices start around $28 and go up to about $120 per tablecloth with savings for bulk orders.

The Tissue Lamé Tablecloths are made with merrowed edges to help prevent fraying and have a standard drape of 12-15 inches. The specialty fabric is dry clean only.

The right fabric choice can make all the difference in event decor. Let these metallic tablecloths speak volumes about your style.

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A Traditional New Year’s Celebration’s nearly time to ring in another new year. No matter your belief system, there are plenty of superstitions and traditional holiday happenings to participate in. Although it may seem that New Year’s Eve is only about drinking the night away and kissing one’s true love under fireworks at the stroke of midnight, there are still many families celebrating with more in depth traditions.

As with many celebrations, one of the most important things to consider when including traditions is the food. Every culture and country has ideas stemming from ancient times about what one should and shouldn’t eat on New Year’s Eve or New Year’s Day.

There are six major categories of foods consumed during this holiday season around the world: grapes, greens, fish, pork, legumes, and cakes.

  • Grapes – In Spain the people celebrate by eating 12 grapes at midnight, 1 for each stroke of the clock where each represents a month in the new year. Sweet grapes foretell good months while sour symbolize a bad time. Many other countries utilize similar traditions.
  • Greens – Leaves look like money that has been folded up, thus the consumption of greens symbolizes economic fortune.
  • Fish – In ancient times fish was one of the few foods that could be preserved and shipped long distances, it was also the alternative to red meat which was not allowed on religious holidays.
  • Pork – Pigs are a symbol of progress because of the way they move. Many countries, including Germany, serve some version of pork at meals while other use pig figurines as decoration.
  • Legumes – Foods such as beans, peas, and lentils look like coins which is why they serve as a symbol for financial gain. In the Southern U.S. black-eyed peas are eaten to ensure good fortune.
  • Cakes – Any baked good that is ring-shaped fits this category. The circular shape encompasses the idea of coming around full circle.

In addition to a lucky and fortunate meal, every New Year’s party should also include the right colors and decorations. Colors like red and green are most abundant in these celebrations for obvious reasons. Green symbolizes financial gain because it is the color of money. Red has long been considered lucky in Chinese cultures and symbolizes love in Mexican cultures. Everything from tablecloths to the outfit you wear can be clad in symbolism.

No matter how you choose to celebrate the coming of a new year, keep in mind old traditions that can make the holiday more exciting and hopeful. Each new year represents a turning point in life for those choosing to see it as such.

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Christmas-Inspired Fabrics

The holidays are full of iconic images, flavors, and smells. When it comes to Christmas decorations, the same is true. There are many prints and fabrics that embody the spirit of the season. If you’re looking to get that holiday feeling in your tablescape this year, consider incorporating some of the following prints and materials.

Pretty Prints

These days anything goes when it comes to using printed fabrics. Everything from traditional to funky is expected. Gone are the days where it was taboo to mix prints. Modern decorating encourages the mixing of prints and incorporating bold colors.

If you are looking for a traditional Christmas-inspired print for your tablecloth, cloth napkins, table runner, or placemats there are a few iconic fabrics to choose from.

  • Plaid: Featuring red with green and gold, it doesn’t get much more classic than a holiday plaid. For a modern take, look for plaid prints that incorporate fresh color schemes like Tiffany Blue with a bold red and subtle gray.
  • Stripes: Thin stripes in alternating classic colors like white and red will look more traditional. To modernize this look, opt for a chevron stripe.
  • Monochromatic damask: Traditionally for many Christmas dinner is a cause for elegance. A damask print in burgundy or emerald green with a satin finish looks fancy and classic.
  • Toile: A neutral background sets the stage for old-fashioned scenes of winter or Santa in reds or greens.

Festive Fabrics

Christmastime comes during the coldest part of the year for many in North America. It also encompasses the legends of Santa Claus and the North Pole. For these reasons, warm and heavy-feeling fabrics often go hand-in-hand with holiday decor. A few options to consider include:

  • Knits and woven fabrics
  • Flannel
  • Wool
  • Felt
  • Tweed
  • Corduroy
  • Fleece
  • Fake Fur

Choosing the right prints and fabrics to set your table allows that festive feeling to come through with little effort and decor. Modern color schemes and fabric options have the added bonus of being discreet, meaning they can be used all winter long.


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