Product Spotlight: SimplyPoly Table Runners

Standard table settings can be jazzed up with a simple table runner. This thin strip of fabric typically runs down the center of a table, hanging over the ends a few inches. Table runners can pull together a theme or color scheme, highlight centerpieces, and make table settings standout.

The SimplyPoly Table Runner is available in three sizes and a variety of colors to suit any decorating needs.

At the current cost of $1. 24 each, the 13 x 72 inch runner is available in:

  • Black
  • White

This size is perfect for round, small square, or small oval-shaped tables.

For only $1.29 each, the 13 x 90 inch runner comes in your choice of:

  • Black
  • Chocolate

For the best fit, use with medium-length tables of any shape.

Currently available for only $1.39 each, the 13 x 108 inch runner comes in:

  • Baby Blue
  • Black
  • Chocolate
  • Dark Blue

This size is great for longer banquet tables.

All sizes of the SimplyPoly Table Runner feature:

  • 100% polyester construction
  • Fabric that is machine washable, no-iron, low lint, and mildew resistant
  • Merrowed edge for clean finish

Opt for the monochromatic look by choosing a runner in the same color or color family as the rest of the table linens. For a bolder look, pick a table runner color that is a strong contrast to the table cloth then accent with another color for the cloth napkins.

Whether creating an elegant dinner party or a wedding to remember, table runners can take tablescapes from standard to stunning.

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How To Make Linens Last

Many people are intimidated by fabric tablecloths and napkins because they are seemingly precious items that require intense amounts of care. While that may be true in some instances, most table linens can be cared for quickly and easily. Despite the desire to only use linens for special occasions, frequent use of tablecloths and cloth napkins can actually help extend their life. So, bust out those fancy fabrics and get serving!

  1. DO wash linens before the first use, this can help increase stain resistance and remove any excess dyes or chemicals used in production.
  2. DO remove stains while they are fresh. Once a stain dries it will be more difficult to remove.
  3. DON’T dry clean if possible. Harsh chemicals and whiteners can harm your fabrics.
  4. DON’T wash table linens with any other items, including linens made from different materials.
  5. DO wash them on the gentle or delicate cycle to keep the integrity of the fabric intact.
  6. DO line dry when possible.
  7. DO iron the fabrics while they are damp for the best results.
  8. DON’T fold linens if you have the space to store them rolled.
  9. DO store them in an enclosed place to protect the color.
  10. DO treat linens with special care and a delicate hand.

From stains to burns to rips and tears, table linens can take quite a beating. Properly caring for linens will help them last longer and withstand frequent use.

Every fabric is composed differently and every material has unique properties. Be sure to look at the care instructions provided with the linens you are using.

While there are many reasons to use tablecloths, cloth napkins, and table runners, the most important ones include incorporating family heirlooms and creating an inviting atmosphere. Whether you are using antique lace, or a poly/cotton blend, table linens can last years and even generations.

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10 Ways To Decorate With Baskets

You may be gearing up to fill Easter baskets for the kids, but there are also many creative ways to decorate with baskets. Take a modern approach to seasonal decorating and get inspired by baskets in an abstract homage to an Easter staple.

These traditional vessels find their way into every home for a variety of reasons. If traditional just isn’t your style, never fear – there is a way for you to use baskets too!

  1. Flip baskets upside down on the table then display dishes on top. This will not only add height to the tablescape, but will protect your table from hot foods and make it easier for guests to reach what they want.
  2. Get creative and make a DIY basket picture frame with just a few simple steps and some glue.
  3. Use it as a condiment caddy that can be easily passed around the table.
  4. Make a one-of-a-kind light fixture by following an online tutorial.
  5. Give guests a small gift to easily take home by packaging it in a small basket with handles.
  6. Make a wall art display by hanging groupings of varied baskets on a wall in the dining room.
  7. Create a rustic centerpiece by filling a basket with fruits, vegetables, or naturally multi-colored eggs.
  8. Deconstruct a woven basket and cut into shapes suitable for use as coasters, placemats, or trivets.
  9. Hang a basket on the wall near the buffet to hold silverware and napkins.
  10. Turn any basket into a planter by lining it with fabric, plastic, or inserting a clear vase.

Baskets come in all shapes, sizes, colors, and materials including:

  • With handles
  • Without handles
  • Metal
  • Wood
  • Fabric
  • Round
  • Square
  • Rectangle
  • Large
  • Tiny

From DIY to antique, baskets have a way of entering every home. Before you toss the ones that don’t appeal to you, consider other uses for them.

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Floral Napkin Folds

Flowers have a way of livening up any dining decor. There are many simple, creative ways to incorporate real and fake flowers into your next tablescape.

Those looking for an impressive impact may want to try some floral napkin folds. From big to small and easy to difficult, folded napkins always wow guests.


The Lotus Flower napkin fold is on the complex side and results in a large, almost flat design. Check out the tutorial video to watch step-by-step directions. For the most impact, choose a vibrant solid color or a subtle floral print cloth napkin. The Lotus fold can be used as a decorative buffer between the dinner plate and a small soup bowl.


If you are looking for a super simple fold, the Rosette is perfect for you. In only four steps you can create a large rose-like decorative element. For the best results, consider placing the Rosette inside a teacup or other small vessel to help it keep its shape. Follow these step-by-step instructions using a bright, jewel-toned cloth napkin.

Jasmine Flower

The Jasmine Flower uses origami techniques and is actually best suited to a paper napkin. This is your chance to take an everyday meal or picnic up a few notches. The video tutorial is necessary because this folding technique features a lot of steps.


For a classic floral look, the Rose Fold is perfect. Follow the instructions and you’ll end up with a beautiful rose bud complete with ‘leaves’. Choose a standard rose color like a pale pink or deep red cloth napkin to get that classic feeling.


If you’re looking for a spring floral-inspired look, but are hoping to avoid the obvious florals this is the fold for you. Follow the numbered directions using a plain or patterned cloth napkin to create an adorable butterfly that can adorn any table setting.

Napkin folds add a magical quality to any tablescape. They may look complex and time-consuming, but floral napkin folds can be quick and easy. When creating a dining experience for guests, details do matter. To make the work easier for yourself, choose one element to focus your efforts on. Creative napkin folds are a great way to get a big impact for a little effort.

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Product Spotlight: Table Toppers

When using table skirting to dress up banquet tables, be sure to also purchase matching Table Toppers. These flat tablecloths protect the top of the table while the skirting adds a decorative touch to the perimeter. offers a variety of table toppers to suit any budget.


The SimplyPoly Table Topper is a basic topper that is low maintenance. For only $7.99 – $9.99 each you have a choice of over 20 colors. Some colors require an additional cost. Standard colors include black, ivory, and white. Save big when buying in lots of six or more. Available sizes include:

  • 54 inch square
  • 60 x 90 inch rectangle
  • 60 x 120 inch rectangle
  • 90 inch round


The Standard Table Topper is made from 100% polyester, making it machine washable. Prices range from $11.99-$29.99 each with discounts when buying in lots of six or more. Available in over 15 colors like Forest, Navy Blue, and Purple, this table topper comes in sizes:

  • 54 inch square
  • 54 x 90 inch rectangle
  • 54 x 120 inch rectangle
  • 90 inch round


Premium Table Toppers are made from Lacoste Fabric which features easy care with wrinkle and stain release. With over 10 colors available such as Burgundy, Taupe, and Charcoal, these luxurious table toppers range in price from $13.99 – $31.99 in the following sizes:

  • 60 inch square
  • 60 x 90 inch rectangle
  • 60 x 110 inch rectangle
  • 90 inch round

Table toppers are the must-have companion to table skirts. Choose a table skirt and table topper in the same fabric and color for a seamless look. With so many options, we are sure to have something to suit any need.

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Think Spring With Florals

The coming of Spring brings new life and a renewed spirit to the world. As the fauna flourishes outside, bring some of that energetic atmosphere indoors by incorporating florals into dining decor.

Floral patterns may conjure up images of grandma’s linens or an ultra-feminine style. However, with so many distinct floral pattern options this design element can truly fit any decorating style.

For a classic, feminine look:

  • Look for florals in shades of pink and purple
  • Choose silverware, dishes, or an area rug with a floral design
  • Pick a pattern that is timeless like a Vintage Floral which uses dainty, feminine colors
  • Pick a pattern with a classic feel like a Liberty Floral that showcases small, tight flower patterns

For an artsy, interpretive look:

  • Look for florals in jewel tones or unnatural colors
  • Choose an all-over wallpaper, drapes, or table linens in florals
  • Pick a pattern like an Impressionist Floral that uses short, thick blocks and intense color combinations

For a bold, modern look:

  • Look for florals with a monochromatic color scheme or bright colors
  • Choose fabric dining chairs or a one-wall floral mural
  • Pick a pattern like a Botanical that shows a realistic view of flowers and other plants
  • Mix patterns within the dining room (stripes, geometrics, solids, and florals)

There are many tricks and tips to help any level of decorator incorporate these spring-inspired designs. Start by knowing your own personal style. If you don’t love modern looks, don’t try to force yourself to live with something too far outside your comfort zone.

In any dining area everything from tablecloths to wall coverings can be quickly and easily changed for a fresh look. For those on a tight budget, don’t overlook the details.

To enhance this fresh, floral look be sure to add in some live plant life.

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Green Color Schemes

In honor of the upcoming arrival of spring and St. Patrick’s Day, why not add a little green to your life? Greenery is, after all, the Pantone Color of the Year for 2017. From a touch of color to a bold statement, there is a way for everyone to incorporate this natural neutral into dining decor.

There are many shades of green from pastels to bright and bold. Before decorating, consider how you will infuse the color:

  • Add accents to current decor
  • Add accents to a new color scheme
  • Anchor the whole color scheme

Many shades of green are considered neutrals because they pair so easily with nearly any other color. You can easily add greens to your current dining decor by:

  • Adding plants like succulents, moss, or ferns
  • Choose one table linen to replace with a pattern containing green accents
  • Selecting one shade of green that compliments your current color scheme and adding a few accessories in that color

If you are starting with a whole new color scheme, consider one of the following eye-catching pairings.

  • Sky blue and moss green – reminiscent of the earth and sky
  • Kelly green and white – has a classic and athletic feel
  • Lime green and pale pink – looks preppy or playful
  • Chocolate brown and sea green – evokes a calming, nautical vibe

For the bold decorators looking to make a statement, a room featuring various shades of green can do the trick. When creating a room anchored by shades of one color:

  • Choose your favorite shade for the walls
  • Look for linens with texture and pattern
  • Opt for one neutral to accent the decor

Dining spaces are meant to create feelings of comfort, relaxation, and fun. Amp up your tablescape or the whole room with the hottest color of the year. Simply replace a table cloth, cloth napkin, or centerpiece for an easy upgrade.

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Pros and Cons of Tablecloths

Tablecloths have a long and sordid history. You either love them or hate them. So, why do these seemingly simple pieces of cloth garner such strong emotions? The answer isn’t quite so simple. Perhaps you grew up with heirloom tablecloths that only surfaced for the most special occasions. Maybe you loathe the way they slip and slide across a beautiful table. No matter your experience, tablecloths have their place in dining for a variety of reasons.


  • Give an instant feeling of elegance to any table or space – There’s just something about a crisp, clean fabric tablecloth that feels expensive and fancy.
  • Easily cover old/ugly tables in an affordable way – If a new table isn’t in the budget, you don’t have to look like a pauper when guests come for dinner.
  • Offer versatility to the look of a room – You can change out the color and style seasonally or for a different look any day of the week.
  • Come in a wide array of shapes, colors, sizes, and styles to fit any need – From fitted to long, round to rectangular, and in any color you can imagine, there is a tablecloth out there for everyone.
  • Easy to replace when worn or stained – Buying a new tablecloth sure beats replacing a water-stained tabletop.


  • Significant upkeep for fabric tablecloths – Regular laundering and possibly ironing can be much more time-consuming than simply wiping a table top clean.
  • Take a lot of abuse and need to be replaced more often than a table – Fabrics don’t always clean as easily as a table surface.
  • Require storage space – If you’re keeping more than one around, you’ll need a dedicated space to store the ones that aren’t currently in use.

Tablecloths can take many forms and serve different purposes. Whether you love or hate them, this list can help you decide if a tablecloth makes sense for your needs.

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Product Spotlight: Bistro Napkins

Looking to add a dash of French Country style to your tablescape? If so, Bistro Napkins are the perfect choice for this classic look. No matter your fabric preference, has the Bistro Napkin for you.

Spun Polyester

The Bistro Napkin – Spun Polyester is made from 100% Spun Polyester which will soften over time. The no-iron finish is machine washable and dryable. The white napkins feature stripe details in black, blue, green or maroon. At only $1.62 each, these napkins are easy to care for and will last for years to come. The 18” x 22” size is perfect for covering laps or special napkin folds.


100% Cotton

Made from 100% Cotton, the Bistro Napkin – Cotton is a classic style made from all natural fabric. Available in white with red stripes at each end, these simple cloth napkins are only $1.79 each. Buying in bulk allows you to save big on price.


Poly/Cotton Blend

The Bistro Napkin – Poly Cotton Blend is made from 55% Cotton and 45% Polyester. These 18 x 22  inch cloth napkins feature hemmed edges. The white napkin features a triple stripe along the top and bottom in your choice of green, black, blue, or red. For only $1.49 each these stylish napkins easily fit into any decorative theme. When buying in bulk you can save up to 30% or more.

Choosing the right fabric for your space and ideals can be difficult. When considering fabric options, look for materials that work with your restaurant or event space and your personal valuables. Classic styles like Bistro Napkins will fit with many decorative styles and always give a classic look.

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Trendy Adult Birthday Parties

Everyone from celebrities to the soccer mom next door needs to let loose now and then. When planning your next birthday party, or one for a friend, consider making it a theme party. Don’t let kids have all the fun, adult parties can also incorporate themes in decorations, menu, favors, and more.

To get started planning a trendy adult party, take a look at some trendy party ideas.

  • Serve some grown-up drinks, and not just the standard beer and wine. Create a signature cocktail, hire a bartender, or serve up unforgettable mocktails.
  • Give guests a memorable parting gift. Traditional party favors are expected at kid parties and weddings. Make the memories of your party last forever with a creative gift to guests.
  • Break out your most festive lighting to take any standard space up a notch.
  • Pre-plan the playlist to start with more mellow music as guests arrive and more upbeat jams later on.
  • Opt for non traditional desserts like a donut cake or homemade s’more bar.
  • Put together a DIY photo booth with props.
  • Create a hashtag for the party so guests can share photos afterward.

Whenever planning a party, try to keep the guest of honor in mind. If she lives for all things pink, incorporate that into the theme. If he doesn’t drink alcohol, create a fun beverage menu that includes drinks like flavored milks, mocktails, and exotic creations.

Making up your own, unique party theme specific to the birthday boy or girl will certainly give guests an experience they’ll never forget. But, if you’re not the creative type these theme ideas always make a good time:

  • Throwback – everything from decades to memorable high school experiences are fair game
  • Wacky holidays – Every day of the year now has some kind of ‘holiday,’ like Pi Day, attached to it.  Look for ones around the party date to use as inspiration.
  • Gambling – From casinos to carnivals, everyone loves playing games.
  • Color scheme – Choose a favorite color like white or gold and make the whole party, even guests, match.
  • Multicultural – Holidays like Mardi Gras and Cinco de Mayo make great themes for parties any time of the year.

Party planning is all about creating a fun atmosphere that speaks to the personality of the guest of honor. Everything from the smallest detail, such as tablecloths, to the biggest decorative impacts, like guest attire, should work together to give off the overall feeling of a theme.

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