Choosing a Natural Color Scheme

Nature surrounds us and is the inspiration behind nearly everything we see. It’s no wonder the beauty of the natural world is embraced and showcased in most design plans. From home to events, choosing a natural color scheme can feel classic or modern. The versatility of nature makes it the ideal inspiration for all things decorative.

Whether you are most fond of land, air, or sea there are an overwhelming number of inspiration options in every natural setting. When choosing a natural color scheme for your next event or home decor, there are few simple steps that can help narrow down the selection.

  1. Choose a local that matches your intended mood. Get inspired by the calming sound of waves in your sitting room or the vibrance of a tropical rainforest for your next party. The right inspiration can enhance the mood in any space.
  2. Narrow your focus. Decide if you will base the colors off of one aspect of your chosen locale or the entire place. For example, if your inspiration comes from a wild field you might include greens for the grass, blues for the sky, and a few pops of colors from the wild flowers. If you narrow this focus to just the wildflowers you might omit the blue and include a wider variety of colors.
  3. Pick your favorite color first. Starting with one must-have color can help you focus in on only hues that compliment that color.
  4. Don’t be afraid to mix textures. Nature is vast and complex, your design should reflect this in a more focused way.
  5. Look at your entire color scheme together before making any major moves or purchases. Sometimes what works in nature or in your mind might not look so great on a smaller scale.

While there are many inspirational locations around the world, a few natural locations that stand out include:

  • Mountains
  • Gardens
  • Beaches
  • Forests
  • Fields
  • Underwater habitats

No matter your reason for creating the natural color palette, you are only limited by your own imagination. There are thousands of shades of every color imaginable. The trick to making selection of paint or table linens easy is to find a focus and let nature guide you.

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5 Unique Fall Wedding Venues

Modern weddings have moved beyond simply following tradition and seek to wow guests in as many ways as possible. Trendy dresses, foods, and even venues catch on like wildfire, making it difficult to plan a truly unique event. Although you may not be the first, or the last, to explore these 5 Unique Fall Wedding Venues, there are plenty of ways to make them all your own.

  1. Cave/Cavern: From wine caves to bear caves and underground caverns, a small ceremony or reception in one of these is sure to top guests’ most memorable list! The mixture of darkness and natural elements like stone make a perfect setting for the romance of a wedding. Keep the decor minimal for ease of setup and the guest list small so you can prepare guests to dress for the location.
  2. Treehouse: Whether you’ve got a DIY treehouse in the backyard or are up for an epic adventure, getting married in a treehouse is certainly not something many can claim to have done. Those marrying in areas where the leaves change color in the fall will get the most bang for their buck out of this unique venue.
  3. On the Farm: The barn wedding train has already started heading back to the station, but why not expand upon the concept by getting married right in the middle of a harvest? From apple orchards to corn and pumpkin fields, the bounty of fall can easily set the stage for the beauty of a wedding.
  4. Into the Woods: Outdoor weddings are nothing new, but a ceremony deep in the heart of the woods might be for many guests. Let nature do the work and give guests breathtaking views along with a little adventure.
  5. Botanical Gardens: Indoor and outdoor weddings are possible at many botanical garden sites. The attention to detail in the greenery and accessories make for many choices. Get the beauty of an outdoor wedding without having to worry about the weather.

If you’re looking for a wedding venue that is as unique as your relationship, there are a few points to remember:

  • Think outside the box
  • Incorporate personal interests
  • Make sure it is safe and doable

Planning a wedding can be more fun when it includes the element of surprise and incorporates your personalities. Table linens and flowers can only add so much ambiance, when you’re saying ‘I do’ you want it to be in the most special place you can imagine. From the grocery store where you met to the backyard of your first home or the location of your first vacation, the possibilities are limitless for wedding venues today.

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Product Spotlight: Table Skirt Storage

As the home stretch of summer and event season begins, it’s time to start thinking about table linen storage. Keep those table skirts color-coded or in mint condition with these great options from!

For starters, you’ll want to invest in some functional Table Skirt Hangers. These portable, small tools help prevent:

  • Creasing
  • Wrinkling
  • Tearing
  • Stretching

The unique design allows table skirts to hang neatly and compactly while also making it easy to move them around. At just under $6 per hanger, or under $5 when you buy 12 or more, these hangers are the perfect option for storing table skirts in closets or lockers.


If you don’t have access to a great hanging storage space already, we’ve got two options for you.

The Uniform and Skirting Storage Rack is heavy, durable, and portable. The four heavy-duty, non-marking coasters serve as the base for this rack which can hold up to 500 pounds! Measuring 84” across the top bar, 43” across the bottom, and 52” high this rack can hold a whole lot of table linens. For under $250 you’ll have an instant storage space.


For the most convenient table skirting storage, consider the Table Skirt Caddy. Featuring:

  • Two rods at 1” in diameter each
  • Solid steel construction
  • Casters

This caddy gives complete maintenance and inventory control. Standing 62” high, 30” wide, and 70” long this functional storage option also looks great. At only $289.99, this portable storage rack is the ideal combination of form and function.

Get the most out of your table skirts by taking the greatest care with them in between events. Proper, careful storage can not only extend the life of your linens, but also help keep your business under budget.

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Sweet Summer Bar Setups

Summer dining is all about the drinks – to stay cool, refreshed, and hydrated. This is the perfect time of year to set your decorative sights on engaging and inviting bar setups. From outdoor dinner parties to lavish summer affairs, getting the bar right can make or break guests’ attitudes.

When planning a summer bar, there are many essential elements: ice, fruity flavors, and options.


It may seem simple, but keeping ice stocked up and intact can be a tedious task in the heat. Guests will not only expect ice to put in their drinks, but ice to keep all the ingredients cold.

Get creative with ice buckets by using unconventional materials such as a hollowed-out watermelon or a strainer atop a glass bowl. The most important ice factors are:

  • Keep in-drink ice separate and labeled.
  • Be prepared with a decorative option for catching the water when the ice melts so it doesn’t ruin the look of your table cloth.
  • Have plenty on hand to restock as needed.

Fruity Flavors

Summer drinks all have one thing in common, fruity flavors reign supreme! There are many ways to incorporate fresh fruits, fruit flavors, and unique flavor combinations. Consider starting with a drink theme to help narrow down the options. Summer favorites include:

  • Margaritas
  • Lemonade
  • Sangria

Each of these options can be started with a simple base drink that can easily be enhanced by adding fresh fruits or syrups. These drinks can also be made non-alcoholic which provides more variety for guests.

Create the base drink, provide a variety of fresh fruit mix-ins like berries or citrus fruits, and you’ve got a creative summer bar menu!


Make your drink menu as unique as your guests by providing options at every turn. Just be careful not to give too many options, 3-5 is ideal, or guests might feel overwhelmed. In addition to the ice and fruity flavor options mentioned above, it’s nice to have:

  • Cups in a variety of shapes and sizes
  • Fun straws
  • Cocktail napkins
  • Drink dispensers with pre-made drinks

When it comes to decorating your bar, consider highlighting pre-made drinks with a contrasting table runner or setting them on a shelf. Using a variety of colors for table linens and drink ingredients can add visual interest and capture the spirit of summer. As long as you provide the basics, feel free to get creative and guests are sure to love your summer bar setup.

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Sizzling Summer Appetizers

From summer dinner parties to outdoor weddings, appetizers help set the tone for what kind of meal guests can expect. Although these seemingly simple bites are the precursor to the main show that is dinner, there is an art to getting them right.

When planning your summer event appetizers, be sure each dish:

  • Can withstand the heat of the outdoors
  • Is easy to hold and eat
  • Can be managed with one hand
  • Doesn’t create a lot of mess or garbage after eating
  • Incorporates the summer harvest and light flavors

Unless your are only serving hors d’oeuvres, you don’t want guests to get filled up on the appetizers. If you have a theme, keeping all details in line with it will feel more cohesive.

Popular pass-tray appetizers for summer include:

  • Caprese kabobs – any kind of kabob will do because they are easy to eat one-handed, but this combination of flavors is light enough to fit into summer.
  • Bruschetta – go classic or get creative with this classic appetizer.
  • Sliders – using pork or chicken with some grilled fruit and an airy bun makes the best summer option.
  • Flatbreads – choose a light, spreadable cheese and some thin cuts of meat or vegetables to get that summer flavor.
  • Chicken skewers – these simple, portable snacks can take on any flavor profile from sweet to savory.
  • Bacon-wrapped shrimp – there’s a reason these are classic, the lightness of the shrimp and the high flavor of the bacon are a winning combination.
  • Lettuce cups – opt for bib lettuce, white meat, and asian flavors for the perfect summer bite.
  • Zucchini fries – breaded or not, get creative with spices and sauces to liven up these little gems.
  • Savory mini muffins – go ahead, add some meat and vegetables into your muffin pan.

You’ve got the theme, the table linens, and the guests, complete that summer atmosphere with appetizers to suit the occasion.

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Outdoor Dining Table Decorations

Whether dining on a covered patio or at a fold-out table on the beach, decorating the table can help outdoor dining feel less casual. You obviously won’t want to lug a bunch of extra stuff outside, so consider these outdoor dining decorating tips to get high style with low effort.

There are three main categories of decorations perfect for outdoor dining.


Depending upon the time of day, some source of light may be a necessity for outside meals. Without the luxury of overhead lights, there are still many ways to create ambiance and make sure guests can see their beautiful dinner.

  • A simple battery-powered LED light strand can be stuffed into any glass vessel, such as a vase or wine bottle, for instant decorative light.
  • Flameless LED candles have come a long way and are looking more real than ever. Grab your go-to candle holders and adorn with flameless candles that won’t go out when the wind blows.
  • Lanterns can be hung or placed near the table or surrounding the entire dining area. With elegant metal and ceramic options available, there is something for every decorating style.

Form & Function

To minimize your trips outside, consider decor options that pull double duty – looking great and serving a purpose.

  • Large galvanized tubs can be filled with ice and drinks for a more elegant cooler while smaller versions can conceal unsightly serving dishes on the table.
  • A thick wooden slab or cutting board could be used to serve appetizers like a meat and cheese tray, then when emptied it can be used as a trivet for hot dishes.
  • DIY mosquito repellants can look more beautiful than they sound. Add a few essential oils, lemons, limes, rosemary, and water to a mason jar then top with a floating candle for a pretty and purposeful version.

Natural Elements

Decorating with nature just makes sense for outdoor dining. You can use found items to create a one-of-a-kind centerpiece or use elements inspired by nature.

  • Baskets, woven trivets, and even bare branches can look elegant with a little creativity.
  • Flowers or greens are an easy go-to outdoor decoration. Look for seasonal varieties with a low scent and house them in unique natural containers like egg shells.
  • Even if you’re miles from the beach, seashells always say summer. Use them as place card holders or create a natural display.

From dinner parties to large events, outdoor dining is a staple of summer around the country. With a little planning and creativity, decorating your outside dining space can be a piece of cake. Go beyond a simple tablecloth and guests will be sure to notice every detail.

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Product Spotlight: Majestic Cloth Napkins

Details can make a big statement in the most intricately detailed event decorations. Little touches like elegant cloth napkins can make any meal feel instantly expensive. Majestic Cloth Napkins with their rich colors and shiny appearance are perfect for understated elegance.

Features include:

  • 100% Polyester material
  • Machine washable
  • Can be tumble dried
  • No iron finish that is mildew resistant and yields low lint
  • Merrowed edges to prevent fraying

These beautiful napkins come in three sizes. The 10 x 10 option is available for as low as under $8 each. The medium-sized 17 x 17 version can be purchased for under $15. Our 20 x 20 option sells as low as just over $16 each. Majestic Cloth Napkins are available in bulk quantities and can be ordered by the dozen.

Buyers have the option of 30 brilliant colors including basics like:

  • Black
  • White
  • Gold

Or unique tones such as:

  • Caribbean
  • Lime
  • Watermelon

With an average review of 5 out of 5 stars for quality, value, and price, these napkins are sure to dazzle at any event. Miriam P. writes, “The color is beautiful and the texture on one side is beautiful, the reverse side has a slight sheen making these reversible for different looks.”

Whether hosting an elegant dinner party at home or a grand gala in an event space, Majestic Cloth Napkins live up to their name.

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7 Masculine Napkin Folds

The art of napkin folding and elegance of table decorating may seem inherently feminine, but there are napkin folds with a more masculine feel. Whether planning a wedding with the groom’s taste in mind or hosting a dinner for dads fun napkin folds can add a masculine element to any tablescape.

  1. The Tuxedo: This fold sounds just like it looks, like an elegant tuxedo. Add in some embellishments like small bows as bowties to complete the look. A white cloth napkin will give you a classic tuxedo feel, but any color will do.
  2. Ruffled Shirt: This architectural take on a men’s dress shirt gives a modern look with a masculine edge.
  3. The Arrow: Reminiscent of a paper airplane, the arrow napkin fold can be achieved in only 7 steps. Use white napkins for a classic look or colored napkins for a more modern take.
  4. Necktie: In fewer than 10 steps you can transform any solid colored or patterned napkin into an exact replica necktie. As an added feature you can place with the bottom-side on top and tuck in silverware.
  5. Collared Shirt: A simpler version of the tuxedo and ruffled shirt folds, the collared shirt can be achieved in only 6 steps. Solid color or patterned napkins will make the most impact with this iconic look.
  6. The Knot: It doesn’t get much easier than this simple fold featuring a large knot in the center. You can tuck messages, place cards, or favors into the knot for added functionality.
  7. Bowtie: A classic and simple bow napkin fold can also serve as a bowtie. Simply choose a masculine fabric and embellish in the center with a solid metal napkin ring.

You don’t have to be an expert napkin folder to try out these easy techniques. If decorative folding just isn’t in the cards, most straight-forward napkin folds like a square or elongated fold will do the job.

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DIY Coaster Ideas

beer-coasters-841712_640From table protector to personalized decoration, coasters serve many purposes. A wide imagination and a few simple craft supplies are all you need to create custom coasters for any occasion. They make great, inexpensive gifts that pack a whole lot of personality or simply function to keep that new dining room table blemish-free.

Generally, coasters are about 3.5 or 4 inches in a square or circle shape. There are three main steps to creating any kind of coaster imaginable:

  1. Planning – Decide what look you are going for and what materials you have in mind. Look around the house to see if you already have some of the items and grab the rest from a craft or home improvement store.
  2. Testing – Depending on the type of base materials used, you may want to test out paints, markers, and glues to be sure they will work before starting on a finished project.
  3. Creating – Once you have all the right materials and a solid concept in mind, you can start working.

The most important part of any DIY coaster project is the base material. A coaster is meant to catch the ‘sweat’ that drips from a cold drink to protect the tabletop or tablecloth underneath it. Be sure to consider the functionality of any materials before creating a beautifully useless coaster. Some common base materials include:

  1. Ceramic Tiles
    1. With the help of some Mod Podge you can customize these readily available square tiles by gluing on old maps, sheet music, wallpaper, or photos.
    2. Create original, hand-painted designs with some acrylic paint and sealant.
  2. Cork
    1. Acrylic paints and sealant can help you create any pattern or design desired.
    2. Cout out some thin fabrics, like lace, and add to the cork with Mod Podge.
    3. Grab that Sharpie and a stencil to create a professional looking, modern design.
  3. Fabric
    1. Felt is easy to work with and looks great on any table. Hand sew fun designs or try out some fabric glue.
    2. Cutting decorative shapes out of leather creates a unique look.
  4. Wood
    1. Slices of almost any kind of wood can be stenciled, painted, or simply stained before sealing.
    2. Unfinished wood squares can be found at many craft stores and offer limitless possibilities. Grab a wood stain marker and some sealant for a super fast DIY project.

When making your own coasters, it is also important to make sure they will sit firmly in place on smooth table surfaces. You can easily add felt dots or self-adhesive cork to the bottom of any base material to help it function better.

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Decorating With Disposables

Summer means picnics, camping trips, and family vacations. It also means you might be eating in many other locations outside your house and using a lot of disposable tableware. But, just because you aren’t at home or some fancy event space doesn’t mean you can’t decorate your dining space.

You don’t need elegant tablecloths to create a polished look. From plastic water bottles and plates to paper napkins, disposable dining staples can also be used to create beautiful, unique table decor.

Plastic silverware can be used to make quick centerpieces and table decorations.

  1. Fork Tree: Grab one of those foam cones from the craft store, break the tops off a bunch of plastic forks, and stick them into the foam in layers from the bottom up. In the end you’ll have an elegant tree, especially if using silver or colored silverware.
  2. Spoon Flower: Break off the rounded part of some plastic spoons and glue, or melt (do be careful when using fire) what’s left of the handles together in a circular pattern. Layer broken spoons for a more elaborate flower.
  3. Spoon Wreath: Bring along a cardboard cutout in a wreath shape. If you don’t have a glue gun, don’t worry. Simply break the rounded parts off some spoons leaving a good half inch or more of the handle. Stick the handles into the cardboard at an angle. Layer in circular shape.
  4. Spoon and Knife Dragonfly: This works best if the silverware can be painted or colored. Lay two plastic knives in a criss-cross pattern along the backside of a spoon’s handle. Glue them in place and voila!

Empty water bottles make great vessels.

  1. Votive Lantern: Using a small, squat water bottle you can simply cut a square shape out of one side. This will be where you can load in an LED tealight candle. For a more exciting look, paint the water bottle first or even poke small holes around it to let out more light.
  2. Vase: Cut off the top half of a water bottle and use the bottom half as a vase. Line the vase with leaves, sticks, or rocks for a more beautiful look.

Cups, bowls, plates, and napkins can be used to create a variety of functional vessels and decorations.

  1. Mushroom Lantern: Place an upside-down bowl on top of an upside-down cup to make the mushroom shape. Decorate the outside of the bowl and, if using a clear cup, place an LED tealight candle under it for a lighted centerpiece.
  2. Paper Basket: Using any size paper plate you can fold up the sides to create a basket.
  3. Napkin Bowl: Use a lotus napkin fold to create a small bowl out of a paper napkin.
  4. Bowl Basket: Start by cutting the bottom off one bowl. Attach two bowls together at the rims and you’ve got an easy basket.

With only a few additional crafting supplies, you can turn any standard disposable dining experience into a decorative affair. Simply pack your usual table settings along with some markers, a glue gun, or any other tool needed for the projects described.

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