Ways To Warm Up Dining Decor

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As the cooler weather blows in across the country you may be looking to warm up your dining decor. Whether you’ve turned on the heat or simply moved entertaining indoors, there are many simple solutions to keeping guests cozy this season.

The most obvious ways to make any dining area feel more comfortable when the weather outside is cold include:

  • Lighting candles or using flameless candles
  • Serving hot dishes like soups or fondue
  • Warming up the drink menu with hot cocktails and beverages

However, if you’re in the market for some warm and fuzzy understated decor, there are more subtle changes you can make. One easy way to add warmth to any dining event is by choosing colors with warm tones. Rich reds, yellows, oranges, off-whites, and blacks evoke the colors of nature during cooler temperatures and enhance the feeling of warmth. From cloth napkins to dinnerware these colors can be added to any neutrals you already have on hand.

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When choosing fabrics to use at your event, consider the weight and texture above all else. Heavy, thicker fabrics like linen, wool, or woven fabrics will feel more cozy than thin materials like plastic or organza. The same concept applies to vessels and decorations, the heavier the material the more substantial it will feel. Decorative materials perfect for cold weather dining include:

  • Wood
  • Ceramic
  • Pottery
  • Cast Iron
  • Copper

Paper or plastic items can still be included in decor, but shouldn’t be the main focal points.

One final tip for creating a cozy dining experience is to fill empty spaces instead of using decorative items sparingly. Grouping pillars, cake plates, knick-knacks, or mugs together will fill the space making it feel warmer. Layering placemats on top of table runners and tablecloths can imitate how people dress in cooler weather to further enhance the mood.

Just because the temperatures are falling outside doesn’t mean they can’t be rising indoors. Give guests the most comfortable dining experience of the season by selecting decor, materials, and menu items that feel warm and cozy.

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