Custom Table Skirting

If you have a standard sized table, please check out our standard table skirts first!
We have the ability to create a top of the line, custom table skirt that will fit whatever table you are looking for! Since we sew our own table skirting right in our facilities, we have the ability to offer you either of our fabric options, our standard Poplin fabric, or our unique wrinkle and stain resistant Lacoste ™ fabric. We offer both of these materials in a array of colors, as well as in two pleat styles, either shirred or box. With our custom table skirting, any event or banquet table will look elegant and beautiful. If you are having trouble deciding on your options, ask for samples to make sure you are choosing the perfect options for you.
Make sure you check out table skirting clips and table skirting hangers for your custom skirt.

Follow these 5 easy steps to build your custom skirting:

To place a custom skirting order, please call: