Table Skirt Clips

Table Skirt Clips

All of our table skirting clips are built with Velcro brand Velcro, fit all size tables, and make your table skirting more useful. With 20 different styles to choose from, we have the clip you need!

Need help choosing the right table clips for your tablecloth? No Problem! Check out our table skirting clip sizing guide here.

How many Velcro table skirt clips should I use? A general rule-of-thumb is to use one of our table skirt clips with Velcro for every 10-12 inches of your table.

Not sure which size of banquet table skirt clip to choose? Don't worry! We offer 2 sample packs, the Most Common Styles Pack or the Flexible Plastic Pack so you can test out tablecloth clips for thick tables or thin tables alike.

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