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Chair Covers & Sashes

Find the Most Attractive Chair Covers and Sashes for Your Special Event

Wedding chair covers and wedding chair sashes are the loveliest additions that can be used to beautify a dining area. Available in a great variety of sizes, models, colors and textures, chair covers represent a great method to express your excellent taste and personal style, while individualizing your interior décor. The perfect choice for special events such as weddings and birthday parties, these items will always add a touch of class and elegance to your location.

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Our Chair Covers and Sashes Deliver the Best Combination of Fine Quality and Affordability

We bring you an ample selection of festive chair covers and sashes for sale in your favorite styles, colors and sizes. All our products are made of world-class wrinkle/stain-release fabrics, allowing you to care for them virtually effortlessly. Our chair covers and sashes offer you affordability, first-hand materials and modern design, and are must-haves that you need to dress up a very special venue in style, without breaking the bank.

How to Choose the Ideal Chair Covers or Sashes

The plethora of wedding chair covers or wedding chair sashes currently available on the market could make the selection process seem a bit challenging. In this context, what are the main criteria that you should consider when analyzing and ultimately buying chair covers or sashes for a truly special occasion? First of all, inspect their quality, by paying attention to several aspects such as material type, washing instructions and weight. Different materials come with different price tags, and polyester is a great, budget friendly fabric for affordable chair covers and sashes. Care instructions are also extremely important and should be taken into consideration before making a purchase. How often do you need to use those covers or sashes? Regardless of your needs, demands and specifications, note that you could find the most attractive, durable and cost-efficient chair covers right here at

A frequently overlooked factor when choosing chair covers and sashes are their long-term care beyond choosing sufficiently durable material that is machine washable. Since such covers and sashes are used to add elegance and refinement to formal occasions, they must always be in pristine condition. Unfortunately, as they are frequently used during weddings, retirement parties, birthday celebrations, and other occasions featuring a meal, they are frequently subject to spills and stains. Wine, tomato-based sauce and other classic fare can cause stubborn stains that can potentially ruin your once opulent chair covers and sashes or at least make their care much more involved. Since our sash and all but one of our chair cover models are made from stain release or stain resistant fabric, stains no longer mean the end of carefully chosen event décor.

Following stains, wrinkles represent the second most challenge aspect of event linen maintenance. While wrinkles are not permanent, they are unsightly and can be difficult to remove if not immediately ironed or steamed. Wrinkle release and wrinkle resistant fabrics, used in all our chair covers and sashes, reduce maintenance costs associated with maintaining neat, crisp linens.