Table Skirting Clip Size Guide

Table skirting clips are the easiest way to make your table skirting setup a breeze, they are easy to place and remove once you are finished. We offer a very large selection of high quality table skirting clips here, because we know there are a wide variety of tables out there. At first it can be confusing knowing which clip you need, but with just a few simple steps, and our 14 years of experience, we will find the perfect clip for you.

To start, we suggest you use 1 clip per 10-12 inches of skirting around the table. For example, a 13 foot table skirt would require 13-14 clips.

Next you will need to determine which clip you will need for your table. The clips come in a variety of sizes, all based off the thickness of your table.

Below is a table to help identify which skirting clips you will need:

Table Skirting Clip Table
SC Clip
(SC) Style Clip
Common style, fits 1/2" - 1" edge. 1" wide.
EC Clip
(EC) Style Clip
Common style, fits 1/2" - 1" edge. 2.5" wide.
MC Clip
(MC) Style Clip
Common style, fits 3/4" - 1 1/2" edge. 1" wide.
SMC Clip
(SMC) Style Clip
Common style, Fits 2" - 2 1/8" edge. 1" wide.
BC Clip
(BC) Style Clip
Extra wide mouth clip, fits 2 1/2" - 3" edge. 1" wide.
Y Clip
(Y) Style Clip
Fits 1/2" - 3/4" edge. 3" wide.
A Clip
(A) Style Clip
Fits 3/8" - 3/4" edge.
B Clip
(B) Style Clip
Fits 3/4" edge.
C Clip
(C) Style Clip
Fits 1" edge.
D Clip
(D) Style Clip
Fits 1 1/8" - 1 1/2" edge.
T Clip
(T) Style Clip
Fits 5/8" edge.
F Clip
(F) Style Clip
Fits stages with steel aprons.
L Clip
(L) Style Clip
Fits 2" - 2 1/8" edge, works well with Lifetime Duratable™

Still not sure which size to choose? We recommend sampling our skirting clips:

Common Clip Sample Pack
Common Style Sample Pack
May include BC, EC, MC, SC, SMC

All of our skirting clips are made out of strong plastic with Velcro attached. If you need more details on about the process of putting it all together, view our how to skirt a table guide.